Vesel Contractors' siding products offer the latest in styles and energy efficiency.

Let your next residential siding project make your home more efficient, while being maintenance free and relevant for a generation. Focused on performance and aesthetic appeal, new siding installed by Vesel improves the desirability of your home while increasing insulation factors significantly. Vesel Contractors helps clients choose the right siding option for each individual project, ranging from low-cost vinyl to top-of-the-line steel. Vesel Contractors also offers LP Smart Siding for residential and commercial siding projects.

With the advances in the siding industry, no longer is wood or vinyl siding the only option. LP Smart Siding for example is treated engineered wood that looks like real wood, but is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and stand the test of time. Metal siding has also improved beyond the plain metal that was available initially in only a few colors. The warmth of wood meets the strength of steel with contemporary, cool, distinct wood-colored steel options to choose from. These are just a few of the options offered. All siding installed by Vesel stands up well to nature, and there’s countless choices to pick from that suit every need and home style.

Insulated siding options offered by Vesel Contractors, Caledonia, WI.
Natural Looking Shake Siding
Washable vinyl siding by Vesel Siding serving Southeastern, Wisconsin.
Custom Designed Residential Siding by Vesel Contractors, Caledonia, Wisconsin.